Owner: Lantz Platner                                                Rest In Peace 7/21/73 – 11/07/06

Builder: M & M Choppers

This bike is not a normal M&M Choppers project. Normal would be a long, lean, kickstart rigid. However, the plan all along was to build a bike that would fit Ox and his riding style. The fact that it is a Hot Rod Panhead makes it fit into the M&M Choppers Family of “old school” choppers.

In the beginning we sat down and drew up a plan and the bike turned out exactly as planned. PERFECT!

It is a brand new, built from scratch road warrior Panhead.

The original idea was to combine an old school theme with modern street chopper running gear. It is a 5 speed, kick & electric start softail fire breathing Panhead. The frame is 41 degrees rake and 2” stretch with a 6” over wide glide.

The thing that makes this bike somewhat special is the engine. We call it an M&M Choppers Specialty engine. As with all softails this bike is relatively heavy. Our major goal, with Ox being a big man on a heavy bike, was big torque numbers. On the dyno we have seen 98 ft/lbs of torque at the rear wheel from this 96ci panhead. For a comparison, most stock panheads make 40 to 50 ft/lbs of torque at the rear wheel.

S&S custom built the cases and STD custom built the heads to our specs. (This took forever). We degree'd the cam in to suit the size and compression ratio of this engine. We then did our “M&M Choppers Specialty” tricks to the cylinders and heads.

Shortly after completion Ox fired up his trusty Panhead and rode 200 miles in fairly lousy weather to Hastings, NE for their annual bike show. He rolled straight into the fairgrounds and into the show building, folded out the sidestand and said, “here it is, I'm entering it in the show.” About halfway through the second day of the show he rolled his bike out of the show to blast it on the Dyno for the crowd and then rolled it back into the show in time to collect his First Place Trophy in the Panhead class. After receiving his trophy he fired up and rode the 200 miles back home. Smooth Sailing!!

Sadly, Ox and his Panhead were taken from us by a careless driver on November 7, 2006. Ox will be forever remembered and greatly missed.

Watch for Ox's bike in the March, 2007 issue of “Biker” magazine.