Owner: Matt Hanson

Builder: M&M Choppers

More than anything, this bike could be considered a touring bike.

Its main purpose in life is to run long, hard miles and it has done that very well. If we were to tell you how many miles are on this bike, no one (except for the people who know the truth) would believe it. Lets just say a whole bunch.

Beyond the touring aspect, the bike also gets the hell run out of it at the drag strip. It is a member in good standing of the S&S Cycle "11 Second Club" and can be seen on page 11-57 of the 2004 S&S Cycle catalog. The bike has run a series of 11's in the quarter mile on a very unfavorable day for racing. Degrees of 114 in the shade and a 6000 foot corrected altitude. At every race event the bike begins the day as an underdog but quickly wins over the crowd by destroying newer fancier bikes. It doesn't take long for the other competitors to begin respecting the old 4 speed shovelhead.

Powered by an M&M Choppers specialty 93ci shovel motor, this bike is the ultimate road warrior.