By Jeremy Holm

The people who knew Andy Johnson understand what the title to this story means, for those who did not read on....

On June 16th 2004 Andy Johnson, “A.J.” to us, was taken from this world by an inattentive driver. This tragic event set in motion many things that changed the local and now greater motorcycle community. Many individuals have strived and succeeded to keep A.J.'s memory alive. Galen, A.J.'s dad, had M & M Choppers, Inc. rebuild the beloved shovel chopper that was all but destroyed in the accident. The resurrection of A.J.'s bike brought me the inspiration to build my own rigid chop, a tribute to our friend.

In February of 2006, I went to Matt Hanson of M & M Choppers, Inc. to get a game plan on how to make this bike a reality. I had very little knowledge of what I was getting into, but with Matt's help, and support from everyone at M&M it got done. This bike is 80% garage built, with the drivetrain set-up and engine being done by M&M. Every part on this bike, except the fabricated parts, came from M&M. My dad and I did all the fabrication, including all the modifications, and hand made pieces. My favorite being the matching coffin oil bag. I learned a lot making that item, and its totally 1-Off. Every little piece on this bike took a lot of time because they are truly handmade parts. Everything was made with a hacksaw, jigsaw, files, diegrinder, and a BFH. If there's something on this bike that looks different than anything you might have seen then we probably made it, look close. Another challenge and something I tried to accomplish was to keep the angles matched up, look at the bars and the tank lines.

As to the tribute part the Z-bars, coffin tank(s), invader mags, and KICKONLY Shovelhead were all must have items, all of them were inspired by A.J. Around April of 2007, the time and effort had evolved into the bike you see before you.

I know I titled this “Homage to a Brother Lost”. Our friend is gone, but he's not lost and certainly not forgotten, he lives on in us in our memories, and our tributes. Building this bike was a way for me to cope, and learn more about the friend I lost too soon. This bike will never be sold and will always remain as what it is.....A truly kick-ass rigid shovel, I call 1-4-AJ.

06 Special Construction RIGID Chop

Owner:                 Jeremy Holm

Builder:                 Jeremy Holm, Robert Holm, & M & M Choppers, Inc.

Consultant:          M & M Choppers, Inc./Matt Hanson

Model:          1-4-A.J.                                                                                      Time:         14 Months

Engine:      1983 H.D./M&M Choppers Shovelhead                                  Displacement:          79 ci

Dyno Numbers:       83lbs. Torque, 73 hp                                                     Cam:       Dave Mackie

Pistons:       S&S

Black Diamond Valves, S&S Valve Springs, S&S Lifters,

S&S Pushrods, S&S Crank Pin, S&S Breather Gear, and S&S Rods.

Transmission:       RevTech 5 in 4 (KICK ONLY) Primo-Clutch

Frame:                      200mm Rigid Rake: 38' Stretch: 2” out/4” up

Paint:                       Jason Koehn/Koehn's Body Shop              Color:     Black Cherry Flake over Porche Black

Paint Type:         House of Color Flake, PPG Base and Clear


Gas Tank:                             Modified Coffin/Jeremy & Robert Holm

Oil Tank:                               Handmade 4 qt. Coffin/Jeremy & Robert Holm

Fender:                                  Modified 8” Semi-Flat/Jeremy & Robert Holm

Front End:                              6” over stock Paughco Springer

Bar & Risers:                         10” Paughco Z-Bars & 6” Paughco Dog-Bones

Wheels:                                    Invader Mags – 16” Rear, 21” Front

Brakes & Hand Controls:       GMA

Forward Controls:                    Custom Chrome