Owner:                Heather Lettenberger

Builder:               M & M Choppers, Inc.

Heather bought this bike as a stock 1986 (first year) 883 in 1993. Over the years she has gradually customized it a little at a time but mostly she just rode the wheels off it. For the last few years she has been paying attention to the clean custom choppers M&M Choppers has been producing. Finally the time was right for her to have one of these bad ass choppers.

She came to us with a plan to transform her beloved sportster into a kickass, lean and mean chopper. today, her mild mannered 883 XLH is a fire breathing 74ci rigid chopper..

The master fabricator, Jason Esslinger, had a heavy hand in many of the hand built stainless steel components on this bike, including a polished stainless make-up box.

Don Badgett is the man behind the candy magenta fade to ......(did somebody say PINK?) paint job. This is one Pink sportster that no man around here would be ashamed to ride.. This bike is fantastic!

Did we mention that Melanie of M&M and Heather are sisters. These women are serious riders. They’ve already taken off and ridden to New Mexico and various other destinations.. There are a lot of men out there embarrassed by these hard tail riding women who refuse to trailer their bikes anywhere.