Owner: Harley and Bev Eirick

Builder: Owner and M&M Choppers

This bike started out as a rigid frame chopper that needed an engine rebuild.

The engine was a mild 88ci big bore motor. After the initial rebuild, Harley rode the rigid another year or two being very happy with the engine. Then after an on the job back injury, he was faced with no more rigid riding. Being very happy with how the engine performed, he didn't want to sell and buy new so he came back to M&M Choppers to talk about converting from rigid to softail.

We got a crash course on how to fit a shovelhead, kick start 4 speed driveline into an EVO, electric start 5 speed chassis. The end result turned out very nice and life went on happily for another few years. Then the bug bit and the next phone call went like this....

Harley “I want to outrun EVO's and twin cams on my shovel but I don't want to hurt dependability.”


After doing a series of Dyno base runs with the mild 88 CI motor on our in house DynoJet 200 Chassis Dynomometer, we discovered a ton of room for improvement. No surprise at all.

At the time of this writing, we are elbow deep in the hot rod engine project.

Well the hot rod engine project is complete and a success.

We have gained 25 to 30 hp over the mild 88ci powerplant.

It is now putting out approximately one hp per cubic inch at the rear wheel. This is about all we want out of a long life dependable street bike, and this is a street bike. Harley puts a lot of miles every year on this bike. It is not a bike to just look at!

The hot rod engine update included:

4 1/2” stroke flywheels, making it 93 cu. in.

M&M Choppers headwork

.590 lift cam

Velva Touch lifters

Plus a few other little tricks