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Coming strong on the scene these days is the team of Matt and Melanie Hanson, with their M&M Choppers, right dead-east of center and then a little south in Galva, Kansas. M&M Choppers (mmchoppers.com check 'em out) has produced this most interesting, very fast, special handling shovelhead, with any fringe going straight into the motor.

Again, the mass and weight to this spectacular shovel is all in the motor, neatly tucked into the most impressive lines of this Kraft Tech rigid frame. Nearly all the ugly stuff you need to hook-up to make an engine motor on down the highway, like coils, wiring, etc., is concealed. The alterations Brad wanted on the chassis worked out to a 42-degree ratio, which creates an eight-inch stretch in the downtubes and four inches in the backbone. With this all hooked up to a Paughco springer front end, she becomes a 15-inch over.

Owner Brad Spaich all but touches his knee in corners with the handling of M&M's gift on two wheels. “Less is More” has blasted onto the scene with a screaming machine that puts the true freedom of the ride at one's right fingertips. She is indeed clean and green.

Brad and Matt calls this machine the “Green Giant,” and in their words it “Puts a smile on your face every time you twist the wick.” A trip to the dyno tells and shows us why. When you crack the throttle at 2,000 rpm, it is already making 95 ft/lb. of torque and continues to climb without any dips or waves to 111 ft/lb. of torque, topping out at 105 hp at 5,200 rpm. Basically, all this power is made between 2,000 and 5,000 rpm---right where you ride! Ahhhh! Just perfect!

By the way, the machine weighs in at less than 500 pounds dripping wet. Anyone out there who has a soft spot for beautiful, hard riding on very fast, reliable old shovelheads (like me), well, you need to hook up with Matt and his extremely meticulous and affordable builds at M&M Choppers. There is actually a phone line to Galva, although it's probably two-party. Call M&M at 620-654-3142. Now, if they could just get plumbing! And, by the way, you might ask Matt about Brad's ride across the shop, in the air, from a kickstart throwback caused by...ah, a wiring, shall we say, “misunderstanding.”

So, there ya go, cool stuff from Kansas. It deserves yet another Biker “Atta-fuckin' way-to-go M&M!”

Be careful out there.

Written by: Balls (www.ballsbiker.com)