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It was just a few months back that we brought you one of M&M Choppers' real slick shovelheads. Well, the folks at M&M (Matt, Melanie and crew) just keep delivering such cool stuff we felt this '69 out of Galva, Kansas, also had a road-worthy background.

In fact, just catching up with the owner, Dan Peterson, became a challenge. Dan is on the bike so much we finally asked him to ride his scooter some 600 miles to Indiana for this shoot. He then turned around the next day to enjoy the putt back home with a smile on his face. Indeed, since we did our photography of Dan's bike, he's put on thousands more road miles, requiring several sets of new rubber on this scooter.

This pearl-white 1969 shovel has earned Dan the name “Dan (he-always-wins) Peterson.” That's because at every show he enters the scooter, he seems to take home a first-place trophy for its class. This includes a first place at the Kansas City Easyriders Bike Show last fall, as well as at the Bean Blossom Bike Tober Fest Bike Show (see pages 22-24).

However, this outstanding white '69 shovel chopper did not look this way a couple years back. Dan was motoring in the wind on the same bike, different frame and look, when out of nowhere a Kansas pick-up truck driver cut the machine out from under him and into several pieces. His pride and joy was demolished into a total disaster. The best news is, Dan came out of the accident OK.

This unfortunate set of circumstances put into action a salvage job on the motor with M&M creating another stroker shovel powerhouse. The old antique '69 shovel puts 84 hp to the ground, which computes to one hp per cubic inch of displacement, creating some surprised looks and big fun in the world of stoplight drag racing. She's an everyday rider that's comfortable and dependable, with enormous power to burn.

The wreck brought the '69 back with a more powerful stroker motor, a different frame and the great American tradition of old school choppers that both old and new riders seem to appreciate. I'm sure there's been no better days for me and my ol' lady riding America than the '60s and '70s. Every time I see one of these machines done up so nicely, I wish more talented folks like M&M would have been around to fix my motor in 1969. Today's technology and parts have brought the reliable street shovelhead back into a formidable option for riders of all ages.

For those of us who have lived and ridden through the 18 years that the Harley shovelhead brought the spirit to our history, we remain active and alive with the fight for our freedoms. There will never be a machine that replaces the passion of the shovelhead era.

Be careful out there, ------Balls