Owner: Dan (he always wins) Peterson

Builder: Owner & M & M Choppers

This beautiful white chopper exists today because of an IDIOT car driver.

Dan was on his way back to work after lunch when an IDIOT pickup driver pulled in front of him and basically ran his ass over. Dan got broken up a little but knew he was lucky to be alive.

His pride and joy 1969 shovelhead was not as fortunate. It was pretty much totaled. The engine was about all that survived. The M&M Choppers Specialty shovelhead stroker engine was only a couple of years old so we were happy that it survived.

We immediately went to work ordering parts for the new ride.

As the project evolved it didn't take long to see that this bad thing that happened to Dan was going to turn out to be a good thing. The new bike is everyday riding dependable, very comfortable, and very powerful. The 84ci generator shovel pumps out 89 hp and 93 lbs.\ft. of torque on the Dyno. Then there's the beautiful looks of this bike.

This bike is a traditional old school chopper that everyone seems to appreciate. He has won so many trophy's and awards at bike shows, including a 1st place trophy at the Easyriders Show in Kansas City, that he almost doesn't have room in his house for all of them.