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The initial idea behind this project was simply to build a bike to have for sale on the floor, and to give us something to work on in the slow season. Well, one thing leads to another and the next thing you know we're logging hideous hours late at night, designing and fabricating special on-off parts. It really was a snowballing effect.

What started out being a simple road warrior chopper has evolved into, quite possibly, the closest thing to a show bike we will ever do. The reason I say closest thing is because this bike is still a road warrior, it's just flashier than most.

The flash comes from a fully polished motor and driveline with black accents, all the polished custom stainless steel parts, the vented electrical box which securely mounts and hides the coil and voltage regulator, the hand built and designed rear fender struts which will work also as a quick detach sissybar, and the special one-of-a-kind retractable stiletto-type passenger pegs.

In an effort to keep things as clean as possible, the OEM top motor mount has been replaced with an in-house designed, fully polished, stainless steel system that mounts the motor front to rear with a stainless steel strap tying it all together, eliminating most of the clutter under the gas tank area.

M & M Choppers would not typically be interested in using a rear tire as wide as this one (although this one isn't all that wide comparatively speaking); however, it was agreed that with the proper amount of vertical girth it would work out well for this project. The 230x15 rear tire will do a fantastic job of soaking up road flaws for all the non-believers in rigid riding.

Originally the bike was going to be painted a Corvette canary yellow but as black accents were added we were afraid it would have a bumblebee look. We tossed around several different colors, including reds and blues, before finally deciding on the Candy Tangerine color you see here.

The Candy Tangerine idea came from a car license plate that says SHVLHED that hands on the wall directly behind the toilet in my house. As you stand there taking a leak, it is staring at you at eye level. It just came to me.

For the engine we used the good ol' standby M & M Choppers specialty 93-cubic-inch shovel. It can be either kick started or electric started.

In the form that it sits, it's all about being sleek and clean; however, for the future owner, we've got a front fender painted to match, all the necessary components to add a front brake and fender, along with a cozy touring seat and quick-detach sissybar for packing your gear on long trips.

---------Matt Hanson

Editor's note: Matt and Melanie Hanson are the owners of M & M Choppers, Inc., in Galva, Kansas. They've been building choppers since 1998 and have just recently had a grand opening in conjunction with ABATE District 9's annual bike show at their new digs in Galva. See page 52 and 53 for total event coverage of the November 2008 magazine or go to News on M & M's website.