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Brad Spaich is what we like to think of as a bread and butter HRB reader. He's self employed, works with his hands and isn't afraid to build his own bike. With the much-vaunted (have someone else look after my bike) Yuppie explosion taking our industry by storm, it's good to find a reader like Brad.

Brad knew he didn't have all the skills to put out a first-rate chopper like the one here, so he turned to M&M Choppers' Matt Hanson for a guiding hand. Matt modeled the rigid project after so many he had done before: clean and simple. Brad wanted something extra special in the paint department, so he turned that portion of the project over to Jamie Hart of Heavy Metal Rods and Restoration. A teacher of bodywork, paint and other related subjects at a local Kansas trade school, Jamie couldn't leave well enough alone. He cut off all the mounts (motor, forward control, etc.) and made his own, before covering the finished product in lovingly laid flames of his own design.

When the whole project was completed, Matt had to physically restrain Brad from riding his new bike more than a block or so, to keep it nice for the photos. Once we had our shots in the bag, he rode less than five minutes before being pulled over for loud pipes.