Owner:                Bruce Carlson

Builder:               M & M Chopper, Inc.

Bruce has a substantial history around M&M. We’ve ridden together off and on for over 20 years.

Bruce has owned and ridden an extremely wide variety of bikes over the years. He’s had everything from show bike ironhead sportsters to Jap crotchrockets to shovel dressers to EVO dressers, etc. Too many to name them all.

He came to M&M a few years ago with an idea to build something a little more personal.

The bike you see here is the result of “TONS” of brainstorming over a significant period of time.

We at M&M Choppers, Inc. have built a reputation for building hard charging shovels and pans.. Bruce’s project proves that we are not limited to iron cylindered projects.. It’s powered by an 80ci EVO with enough power modifications to scare off most competitors.

The bike is extremely smooth with electric start and softail suspension but maintains the bobber/chopper appearance including a fully functional kickstarter.

Bruce claims he loves this bike above all others and he will not be selling this one.

We’ve know him long enough to say......Yeah, Right!