Owner: Troy Barnt

Builder: M & M Choppers, Inc.

Troy Barnt, the rigid riding, kickstart only chiropractor is heavy into skydiving. This chopper was designed with trips to the drop zone in mind. The handmade luggage rack and sissy bar combo were designed for strappin' his rig on and haulin' ass to the local, and sometimes not so local, drop zones.

Kevin Klassen is the man behind the beautiful Candy Tequila Sunrise paint job. The M & M Choppers Specialty 93 ci Pan-Shovel is, at the time this is published, too new to turn wide open, however it has been turned up to 4,000 rpm and already has seen 97 ft/lbs of torque and 80 horsepower.

An obvious special on this bike are the wheels. Troy had these wheels machined by Cliff Hawkes and Jon Moyer. The special sissy bar/luggage rack was done by Jason Esslinger. Jason spent many hours crafting special items for this bike, many too small to see in the picture but they made this bike a one of a kind beauty.

This bike has been featured in the January, 2008 edition of Biker Magazine. Go to "Magazine Articles" on our website and check out the article under "Sweet Hog Of Mine....Tequila Sunrise."