Andy “A.J.” Johnson


Owner: Galen Johnson

Builder: M&M Choppers, Inc.

The rest of the story......

This bike started as a chromed out, flame painted, stretched tank, street custom. A nice bike for sure, but not what AJ had in mind. AJ was a young man who had 'old school' ideas as to what a street chopper should be.

His old school chopper ideas, AND the fact that he was a great guy, made him a perfect fit in the M&M Choppers Family.

Sadly, AJ was taken from us by an inattentive car driver on June 16, 2004. The wreck not only took AJ from us but also completely demolished his Pride and Joy shovel chopper, including basically breaking the engine in half.

AJ's dad, Galen, has been an avid rider for many years himself and when he came to M&M Choppers to discuss a resurrection of his sons bike we were very honored.

AJ had come to us for all of his technical support and parts on the original build so we knew exactly how to put it back as it was. With the exception of a few minor engine improvements what you see in the picture is exactly what AJ had built for himself.

Today, Galen keeps his sons spirit alive by riding his 'Pride and Joy' shovel chopper proudly.

AJ had done a great job on his shovel chopper and all of us at M&M Choppers are happy, and proud, that we were able to have a part in getting this bike on the road again and looking good.