Dr. Troy Barnt....Hard Riding Chiropractor

M & M Choppers, Inc. wishes to thank Biker Magazine for allowing us the use of this article.

Owner: Dr. Troy Barnt

Rake/stretch: 40 degrees/2 ¼ inches

Other info.: Troy Barnt, the rigid riding, kickstart only chiropractor is heavy into skydiving. This chopper was designed with trips to the drop zone in mind. The handmade luggage rack and sissybar combo were designed for strappin' his rig on and haulin' ass to the local, and sometimes not so local, drop zones.

Special thanks to M & M Choppers, Inc., ICS Plating, Donnie Badgett, Cliff Hawkes, Kevin Klassen, and Kenny Martens. With an extra special thanks to Jason Esslinger for all the hundreds of hours of late nights building special one-off parts.

Photographer: Dan Woods

City: McPherson, Kansas

Bars/risers: Apes/Paughco

Handlebar controls: JayBrake

Year/make: 2005 M & M Chopper

Fender: V-Twin

Fabrication/assembly: M & M Choppers, Inc.

Headlight: Bates

Engine: M & M Choppers 93-inch S&S shovel

Gas tank: Don Badgett

Carb: modified S&S

Dash: Ox

Air cleaner: CCI

Oil tank: Santee

Pipes: Paughco

Primary cover: M & M/Jason Esslinger

Transmission: 2004 kickstart 5-speed

Seat: Duane Ballard

Clutch: Rivera Pro Clutch

Sissybar: Jason Esslinger

Paint/molding: Kevin Klassen

Grips: Vintage

Color: Candy Tequila Sunrise

Front end: Paughco 6 inches over springer

Type: Enamel

Wheels: RC Components 21- & 16-inch special made with M & M company logo

Frame: 2004 Paughco rigid